Driver’s license (B-körkort)

How to get started at the traffic school

By answering a few simple questions in the form below (sorry, it's in Swedish), we can give you information on how and when you can get started. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

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Do you want to practice driving at home?

By law, everyone who wants to practice driving at home with a "handledare" (personal tutor) must have attended a special course called "Handledarutbildning". Both student and tutor must attend.We provide this course in Swedish.

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Our start packages

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How to achieve a license at Lantz Trafikskola

1 Driving permit (körkortstillstånd)

In order to practice driving in Sweden, you need to apply for a driving permit. You apply at Transportstyrelsens website. We will help you with the eye test required for your application. We have drop-in appointments for this. If you have glasses or contact lenses, bring this with you (if you use contacts, make sure to bring contact solution so you can remove the lenses). Don’t forget to bring your ID-card.

2 Handledarutbildning

If you intend to practice driving at home, you must by law attend a special course together with your tutor. If you as a tutor have attended the course before and are unsure if it is still valid, you should call Transportstyrelsen on 0771-141516 to check this.

The minimum age for private tutoring is 15 years and 9 months for the student. When both tutor and student have attended handledarutbildning, the tutor must apply for "handledarskap" at Transportstyrelsen. We recommend that you alternate your driving lessons at the traffic school with private tutoring at home so you get the most effective training possible.

3 Theory

To get started on the theory, you need a theory package. The theory package gives you access to Elevcentralen where you simulate tests, learn traffic rules, road signs, etc. The theory package is included in all our start packages, but can also be bought separately.

4 Get started at the traffic school

a) Fill in the form

We are used to meet students with different experiences and with different wishes. Some students have been practicing regularly since they were 16 years old while some have never tried driving. Some students want to get their driver's license as soon as possible while some prefer a slower pace. Some have a free schedule while some have work/school to take into consideration.

Therefore, we ask you to fill out a form so we can help you get started in the best way. We will get back to you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

b) Buy a start package

When we have responded to your form, the next step for you is to buy a start package. It is impossible to say in advance exactly how many lessons you will need. How many lessons you need is determined by several factors such as how much experience you have, your ability to learn and how motivated/focused you are on taking your driver’s license.

If you buy a start package with a certain amount of lessons and it turns out you will need more, you can buy more lessons separately. If you have bought a package with too many lessons, you will get a refund for this (minus 10% in administration fee).

c) Welcome e-mail

Once you have purchased a start package, you will receive a link to Elevcentralen (theory website/app) and a welcome e-mail. In the welcome e-mail, we describe in more detail how the education is set up and what you should think about. We will book lessons for you with an English speaking teacher based on your answers in the form.

d) Self-study through Elevcentralen

All study material is integrated online at Elevcentralen. In other words, you do not get any books since you read and go through questions/tests online. You can access the material by downloading the app "Körkort Nu" or by website

The teacher will check your development with the theory and make sure that you are in phase. It is possible to start studying via Elevcentralen before you start your driving. You can keep up with your driving development at Elevcentralen and see what you should practice for the next driving lesson. Information about your payments and balance can also be found at Elevcentralen.

We occasionally provide theory lessons in English. You can see if we have available classes in Elevcentralen, and book yourself to this if possible.

5 Riskettan (Risk-1)

This is a mandatory lecture focused on tiredness, alcohol and the effects of drugs in traffic. The course is valid for 5 years and can be completed at any time in the education. Through Elevcentralen you can see available courses and can easily book yourself. The course is in Swedish but you will be able to understand through translated papers and by speaking with other students.

6 Risktvåan (Risk-2)

This is also a mandatory one-time course where the students are taken to an enclosed area at Ring Knutstorp, where we practice speed, safety and driving under special conditions. (For example – hydroplaning). Your teacher decides when you are ready to take this course and will help you to book. An English speaking driving teacher will accompany you.

7 Driving in the dark

If you are going to take your driving exam during the period November-February, a "driving in the dark"-lesson is mandatory. Please note that this is not included in our packages, a fee for this will be added.

8 Education control

You are now close to your driving exam! The Education control is carried out by the manager at Lantz Trafikskola, who is responsible to make sure all students are ready to take the driving exam. This lesson can be compared to the actual driving exam, where you drive independently, and the manager checks what you have learned. You will get feedback on your driving and what you can improve on.

9 Theory exam and driving exam

Both the theory exam and the driving exam are provided by The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). Your driving teacher will book you to both exams.

For the theory exam, you go to Trafikverket 30 minutes prior to your test, in order take your photograph and signature for the license. The theory exam consists a total of 65 questions and you must answer 52 of them correctly within 50 minutes. The theory test must be passed before you are allowed to do the driving exam.

The driving exam always starts with a warm-up lesson that starts from the traffic school. You and your teacher will drive to Trafikverket and an inspector will take over. The driving test takes approximately 45 minutes and will consist a safety check, a special maneuver test and driving in and outside urban areas etc. You can either pass or fail the driving exam. If you fail you will receive information on what you failed on and we will help you book a retest. If you pass...

10 Driver's license!

Congratulations! Drive safely...